Understanding product design and performance

We recognize that in today’s world making a commitment to environmental responsibility means more than reducing the environmental impacts of our finished products themselves. It also involves understanding and ensuring the effective management of health, safety and environmental risks during the discovery, development, manufacture, use and disposal of our products.

Product Stewardship at Ashland includes:

  • A global management system to deliver excellence in product stewardship and meet required local, regional and business specific standards.
  • Continual improvement of products to avoid potential problems before they become human or environmental hazards.
  • Hazard identification systems that take advantage of available information.
  • Risk-based process for identifying, understanding and prioritizing concerns and managing chemicals in commerce.
  • Risk reduction measures, including limitations on use or even phase-outs of specific uses of chemicals where unacceptable risks are not otherwise manageable in a manner that is appropriate for the risks and mindful of the benefits of a particular chemical in the context of its use.
  • Transparent flow of information throughout the value chain (e.g., suppliers, manufactures, customers, waste vendors, etc.), so that manufacturers and users can understand and manage risk, and provide meaningful and relevant information to their respective stakeholders.
  • Public availability of hazard, exposure and risk information.