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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle



As a global company, we have broad commitments that go beyond our customers, our employees and our stockholders. We care about the communities in which we live, the countries in which we operate and our world and the people, animals and natural resources that are a part of it.



Better for the environment

We believe that delivering sustainable products and solutions, and offering alternatives is as important to our customers as it is to Ashland.

Carbon Disclosure Project

We have participated in the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project since 2006.

2013 Fiscal Year Sustainability Report

We are committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.  Here are the facts about Ashland.
         - 2012 Sustainability Overview (PDF)
         - 2012 Sustainability Overview (Digital)


With a focus on education and the environment, we are committed to improving the communities in which we live and work.