We're a good neighbor

Residents stand in line to attend annual community event

Employees at our plant in Calvert City, Ky., have continued their longstanding tradition of participating in Good Neighbor Night. The annual event, which began in 1988 as an initiative of four local industrial companies and drew only about 100 visitors, is now composed of 12 companies with average attendance of 1,800. It is a key part of demonstrating Ashland's commitment to Responsible Care*.

“Good Neighbor Night provides an opportunity for us to share what we do in our plants, talk about the various ways we keep our employees and the community at-large safe, and answer any questions or address concerns an individual may have," said Frank Stevens, site general manager. “By being transparent and open, we want the community to not only know us by name, but also know that we care and operate responsibly.”

Moving about in the crowd at a local elementary school was Wally Wise Guy, the shelter-in-place trainer. Sponsored by the event’s participating companies, Wally visits area schools and teaches children (and their parents) how to “shelter in place” in case of a chemical emergency.

“Since the mid-50s, we have been a viable part of Marshall County commerce and a trusted partner within the community," said James Leonard, director, environmental compliance. "Since we are now the largest employer in the chemical complex, we have a greater duty to lead on EH&S issues, and be visible and accessible to the local folks.”

In addition to the 12 companies represented, the Citizens Advisory Team, Local Emergency Planning Commission and Calvert Industrial Mutual Aid Program also participated in the event.


Wally Wise Guy helped our team educate visitors.

Residents formed a long line at the entrance.

Displays showed where Ashland products can be found.