Looking to stabilize your beer or wine?
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Now in use for over 50 years, Ashland’s Polyclar™ brand of stabilizers is the leading clarification-and-stabilization technology for brewers and vintners around the world. Polyclar stabilizers effectively and in a highly selective manner remove haze-producing polyphenols, thus improving colloidal stability and protecting beer and wine against haze development. Within Ashland’s extensive portfolio of Polyclar stabilizers are grades designed for single use or with regenerable-filter systems. In addition, several grades can be used at a variety of stages in the brewing process.

Ashland also offers a range of ingredient solutions for improving other properties of alcoholic beverages.  For example, Ashland’s specialty grades of cellulose gum can control rheology in alcohol-based beverages to achieve desired mouthfeel. In addition, other grades of Ashland’s cellulose gums are designed for stabilization of tartrates (KHT), thereby preventing wine crystals in rosé and white wines. No matter the beverage or food, Ashland has ingredient solutions for you.