This is how we work, every day, around the world

Our Vision: What we seek to become
Our vision is to be viewed as the best specialty chemical company in the world.

Our Mission: Why we are here
We satisfy our customers by delivering results through quality chemical products and services. Our desire to grow drives our passion to win in the marketplace. With a unified, low-cost operating structure, we’ll remain competitive across every business and in every geographic region.

Our Values: Who we are
● We act with integrity and honesty.
● We focus on customer and shareholder success and compete to win.
● We recognize each person for the difference he or she makes.
● We drive innovation and results by understanding the market and its opportunities.
● We are committed to the values of responsibility, sustainability and transparency.
● We create safe and health-conscious work environments, require compliance and embrace environmental stewardship.

Our Operating Principles: How we work
● We operate in compliance with the law and adhere to high ethical standards.
● We assess the impact on customers and society when making decisions.
● We are externally focused. Our businesses are defined by markets.
● We are process-centered. Our processes are designed to optimize global performance.
● Ashland leaders are first responsible to Ashland and second to a business, resource group or process.
● We are led by an Executive Committee that enforces our principles, sets our strategy and manages our capital.
● We are united by our common vision, mission, values and operating principles.