Ashland has pre-registered all of the appropriate substances that are manufactured and/or imported by Ashland (excluding those that are exempted by REACH), and verified that our suppliers have pre-registered the substances we purchase in the European Union (EU) or elsewhere for use in the manufacture of our products. Additionally, by the 1 December 2010 and 31 May 2013 deadlines, Ashland successfully completed and/or verified with suppliers the necessary REACH registration of chemical substances used in products that we manufacture, market and sell in the EEA.

For K-REACH, we are planning to appoint our Korean entity – ISP Korea Ltd. – as the only representative covering products that Ashland imports into Korea as well as exports to Korea, covering our customers importing. When substances are/will be selected for registration, we will register these prior to the appropriate deadline. We are preparing to complete annual reporting for all imported/exported products.

For KKDİK, we are planning to appoint our Turkish entity – Merkezı ABD Bulunan ISP International Corp. Turkıye Subesı - as the only representative, covering products that Ashland imports into Turkey as well as exports to Turkey, covering our customers importing. We plan to register relevant substances prior to the deadline.

Ashland is prepared to provide appropriate confirmation to our customers that Ashland products are REACH, K-REACH and KKDİK compliant – meaning that pre-registration is complete, or that registration is completed or exempted or planned to meet appropriate deadlines, where appropriate.

In order to comply with the REACH, K-REACH and KKDİK legislation/regulation, Ashland is working closely with customers to collect information on the uses and exposure potential of Ashland products and the related substances that are purchased or imported in the EEA, Korea and Turkey. As a downstream user of chemical substances, customers have the duty to inform Ashland on the use of a substance or register their specific use themselves.

Our goal is to provide our customers with support, in close cooperation with our suppliers, to ensure that compliance with REACH, K-REACH and KKDİK can be managed effectively and smoothly for the products we manufacture, import and distribute in the EEA, Korea and Turkey. Ashland will contact you with additional information on how we will be working with you to secure REACH, K-REACH and KKDİK registration for Ashland products.

No rights can be derived from this publication and Ashland disclaims any liability for any errors or omissions. Each customer, supplier or other person or entity doing business with Ashland is solely responsible for the correct and full compliance with its obligations under REACH, K-REACH and KKDİK.