The creation of good chemistry extends beyond the workplace into our communities. That's why we have a proactive, outcome-driven, corporate contributions program that partners with select organizations to help us achieve our larger commitments to education, the environment and health and human services initiatives.

Funding requests

Ashland does not have a funding application, and we only accept proposals in June and July for the following year's funding. Projects should be national in focus or centered on a geographic area where we operate. They also must be aligned with our focus areas of STEM education and the environment.

Submit a brief summary to:

Ashland Inc. Contributions Program
50 East River Center Blvd.
Covington, KY 41012

Ashland contributions do not support individuals; fraternal, religious, veteran, labor, athletic or sectarian organizations serving a limited group; political or lobbying organizations, or those supporting a particular individual's candidacy; travel funds; film, videotape or audio productions; sponsorships, tickets or goodwill fundraiser advertising, or organizations that might in any way pose a conflict with the goals, programs, products or employees of Ashland Inc. and its operations.