Keeping water systems sparkling

Our Biosperse XD3899 microbiocide nails 99.9 percent of the bugs

The challenge
There is a seemingly endless array of bacteria, fungi and algae that thrive in recirculating cooling water and chill water systems. Left unchecked, these microorganisms can create a variety of problems, especially when they form biofilm on process- and cooling-water surfaces. When biofilm formation occurs, it frequently leads to system fouling and increases the potential for corrosion. Uncontrolled microbiological activity and the resulting formation of biofilm can ultimately lead to reduced operating efficiency, increased maintenance costs and unscheduled outages.

The Ashland answer
Biosperse™ XD3899 is a unique, patented microbiocide that effectively controls biofilm formation in recirculating cooling water and chill water systems without the adverse side effects associated with strong oxidizing biocides. The microbiocide, which can be described as a mild oxidizer, drastically reduces microbiological activity in wet processes, providing a truly clean system. From cooling towers to heat exchangers and throughout process equipment, the microbiocide controls a broad spectrum of microorganisms that cause fouling, promote corrosion and adversely affect system performance.

The Ashland advantages
The Biosperse XD3899 microbiocide specifically reacts with reductive compounds within microorganisms, rendering them unable to produce energy. Without their ability to produce energy, the microorganisms die before they have an opportunity to attach to process- and cooling-water surfaces. By hindering bacterial attachment, the subsequent formation of biofilm is prevented.

Notably, the microbiocide also penetrates and removes existing biofilm and algal deposits from process- and cooling-water surfaces, which eliminates the need to shut the system down for cleaning.


The Biosperse XD3899 microbiocide is produced on-site using patented dosing equipment.

There’s more to know

● Biosperse XD3899 microbiocide reduces microbiological activity by up to 99.9 percent
● It is the most widely used microbiocide in the paper industry, found in more than 700 paper machines
● Because it is produced on-site with proprietary equipment, dosing can be remotely monitored
● Use of Biosperse XD3899 microbiocide does not contribute to formation of chlorinated organic compounds, reducing your environmental impact