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Meet some scientists who are having an impact on the world

JeanMarie Botto

Abe Vaynberg

Paint by numbers

Abe Vaynberg uses data to improve the feel and consistency of coatings

There is a story about how gefilte fish compares to paint.

It goes like this: Abe Vaynberg, an expert on paint for Ashland Specialty Ingredients, has a brother, Michael, who is a fishmonger in New York City.

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JeanMarie Botto

Jean-Marie Botto

Advancing the science of beauty

Ashland's Jean-Marie Botto leads the way in developing new skin care products

When times get tough, people buy cosmetics.

Morale boosters are important, American researchers have discovered. When the economy sinks, consumer spending follows suit – except on cosmetics. Apparently a little moisturizer, mascara and lipstick can go a long way toward helping boost self-confidence.

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Dan Dotson

Dan Dotson

Put the pedal to the metal and count on the lab

Racing teams want horsepower and Dan Dotson leads the team that delivers it

Auto racing is a grueling, grinding, demanding sport where the margin of victory can be measured in thousandths of a second.

Every driver and every team is looking for an edge. In the blast-furnace environment under the hood, how we formulate Valvoline™ racing oil can make the difference between winning, losing ... and even finishing. Dan Dotson, director for strategic development for Valvoline, knows all about this.

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Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens

Where there's smoke, there's Michael Stevens

His love for reasearch sparked a career in finding ways to protect people and property from fire

If not for an interest in research, Ashland’s Michael Stevens might have wound up fighting crime instead of developing new versions of our fire-retardant resins.

Fortunately, for customers all over the world, he passed up a job offer from the West Virginia State Police and kept his focus on research and problem-solving. Today he’s a principal scientist for Ashland Performance Materials, helping customers protect their buildings, manufacturing plants and equipment from fire, smoke and harmful gasses.

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Chris Baron

Chris Baron

Keeping cooling towers clean

Insatiable curiosity and a desire to do things better led to biocide breakthrough for Chris Baron and Ashland Water Technologies

Chris Baron has always thought of himself as a problem-solver.

“It gives me great satisfaction to know that I have helped someone overcome an obstacle,” says Baron, a microbiological control project manager for Ashland Water Technologies in Wilmington, Del. “As a kid, I took great pleasure in figuring out how things work and then sharing that knowledge with others.”

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Qu Xin

Dr. Qu Xin

Childhood dream becomes breakthrough career

From chemistry sets at 10 to global research and development lab manager

Dr. Qu Xin wants to help dreams come true for a new generation of Chinese consumers.

As a research-and-development lab manager with Ashland Specialty Ingredients in Shanghai, Qu is leading a global team taking aim at the personal-care market in China. In 2013, their groundbreaking scientific work led to a patent application for polymer technology that could result in healthier, more manageable hair for Asian consumers.

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