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Meet some scientists who are having an impact on the world

Dave Gerst

Dave Gerst

Success under pressure

Ashland senior chemist Dave Gerst has a passion for bringing all sorts of things together

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Hida Hasinovic

Hida Hasinovic

The science of car care

Valvoline’s Hida Hasinovic took a shine to auto products and breakthroughs followed

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Sangrama Sahoo

Sangrama Sahoo

Just what the doctor ordered

Ashland's Sangrama Sahoo helps drug makers conquer solubility challenge in tablets

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Abe Vaynberg

Abe Vaynberg

Paint by numbers

Abe Vaynberg uses data to improve the feel and consistency of coatings

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JeanMarie Botto

Jean-Marie Botto

Advancing the science of beauty

Ashland's Jean-Marie Botto leads the way in developing new skin care products

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Dan Dotson

Dan Dotson

Put the pedal to the metal and count on the lab

Racing teams want horsepower and Dan Dotson leads the team that delivers it

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Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens

Where there's smoke, there's Michael Stevens

His love for reasearch sparked a career in finding ways to protect people and property from fire

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Qu Xin

Dr. Qu Xin

Childhood dream becomes breakthrough career

From chemistry sets at 10 to global research and development lab manager

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