We have shown the value of embracing and driving change

It's one thing to talk about change, but it's another to embrace it and build your company around it. Transforming Ashland into a global specialty chemical company required a sound strategy, excellence in execution, courage, confidence and innovation.

Our chemistries help whiten your teeth, protect you from the sun and make your medicine work more effectively. They protect the environment through recycled, re-refined motor oils. Our ingredients are at work in architecture, vehicles, construction, foods and beverages, personal care items and tissue and towel products. We have an impact on people, animals and plants.

That innovation is driven by good chemistry between Ashland and our customers and suppliers, and between employees in all areas of our company. It sparks ideas and produces answers. The videos and stories on these pages demonstrate how we listen to our customers, study the trends in the marketplace and find the ideal solutions. We're not afraid to alter our way of thinking and, in the process, think of something entirely new. That's what innovation is all about.