A new competitive advantage

Ashland’s culture is about building on where we’ve been, where we are today, and where we’re going tomorrow.



Click on each of the five elements at left to find out more about our culture, the capabilities we are building in the organization and – for anyone looking to join us – what it will take to be great at what you do.

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Taking a look back

Our transformation has been incredible. 

We are a company with a sharpened focus on specialty chemicals that is distinct from our competitors and very different from who and what we have been in the past.

Our goal is not only to become one of the top specialty chemical companies in the world, but also to become known as the best specialty chemical company in the world. This is clearly aspirational, but it’s what we are committed to and what we believe we can achieve … because of the culture we are working to build.

At the core of our culture are five elements that define the way we work with each other and how we create superior value for our customers. What these core elements have in common is a foundation grounded in people working together to do great things. Simple? Not quite. But we have chosen to make it fundamental to our promise, With good chemistry great things happen.™

At Ashland, our good chemistry is as much about great people as it is about great science.


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