Ashland, Ohio

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Our plant serves a number of industries, producing polyurethanes, adhesives, coatings, butyl rubber blends and modified phenolic and nitriles. These are sold under numerouis brands including:

  • Pliogrip™ structural adhesives, used for composite bonding in automotive and heavy truck applications for more than 40 years;
  • PureRad™ ultraviolet and electron beam coatings, used in commercial printing;
  • Pliodeck™ insulation adhesives, used in roofing applications, and
  • Aroset™ pressure-sensitive adhesives, used in labels, tapes and graphics.

We are proud to have gone six years without a lost-time accident. As part of our commitment to Responsible Care*, we participate in Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings and work with first-responders on yearly preparedness drills. To help protect our community, a tornado-alert siren has been installed onsite and connected to the city warning system.

As a presence for 45 years, we support the community in many ways, including participation and instruction in Chamber of Commerce safety meetings. Among our many charitable activities are Junior Achievement, Ashland’s annual Employee Giving Campaign and various teams, clubs and non-profit groups.

Contact information

1745 Cottage St.,
Ashland, OH 44805
+1 419 289 9588

Emergency: +1 800 ASHLAND
(+1 800 274 5263)

Facility manager: Fernando Carvalho Employment: 58 

Safety activities and certifications

  • RC 14001 certified
  • ISO 14001 certified


1969 Opened by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
1984 Acquired by Ashland Inc.