Driving interest in what you drive

Who better to help educate the next generation of automotive technicians than the people who make Valvoline™ motor oil?

We’ve been on the cutting edge of motor oil technology for 100 years. In case you’re wondering, that was the year Jules Goux won the Indianapolis 500 in a Peugeot at a rip-roaring average speed of 76 mph.

Over the past four years, our Valvoline Career Tech Motor Oil Education Program has helped more than 4,000 schools and colleges in the U.S. teach automotive technology. This year, students at 65 locations are using free Valvoline motor oil, plus other Ashland-donated materials, to learn the facts about changing motor oil, the importance of different grades and the impact on prolonging the life of an engine.

Some of the schools even offer teachers free or minimal-cost oil changes done by the students. Sure beats finding apples on their desks.

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