We were there at the beginning


At the first professional auto race in the U.S., the first car across the finish line was lubricated with Valvoline™ motor oil. It was Nov. 28, 1895, and Frank Duryea drove from Chicago to Evanston, Ill., and back in seven hours and 53 minutes. History did not record whether he did donuts afterward.

We still make a line of Valvoline racing motor oil, along with motor oil for conventional vehicles, high-mileage engines, diesels, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and small engines. We also produce Valvoline NextGen™ re-refined motor oil, that is better for the environment while providing the same great protection as our other motor oils.

We're still showing up first at the finish line, too, no matter what's being driven. Find out more at valvoline.com/racing

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