Love your wheels, help save the Earth


Want to save 56 percent of the resources used to make motor oil? It’s easy; switch to Valvoline™ NextGen™ motor oil. It’s good for your car because it comes with 100-percent Valvoline motor oil protection, but that’s not all. It also has environmental benefits because it’s made from recycled and re-refined motor oil.

When motor oil is recycled, you start out with fewer contaminants and more oil molecules than in virgin crude. NextGen innovation combines this great recycled oil with Valvoline’s award-winning additive chemistry. The result is new oil made with 50-percent recycled oil that is produced with 90 percent less energy; producing 31 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions.  

And Valvoline NextGen motor oil won’t void your warranty. It exceeds all American Petroleum Institute certificates, which suits major auto makers just fine.

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