You can wax your boat while it’s wet


You want your boat to be wet, because that means you’ve been using it, and you want to take care of it so you can keep using it. With Ashland’s Eagle One™  Wax As-U-Dry™ marine spray wax, you can do both at the same time.

The spray wax works on wet or dry surfaces, allowing application and drying in one step. It’s formulated specifically for boats and watercraft to protect against ultraviolet sun damage, corrosion and water deposits.

“If you want your boat to always look its best, Wax As-U-Dry is for you. Hands down, it’s the fastest and easiest way to a beautiful boat,” says Mark “Z” Zona, ESPN personality and host of "Mark Zona's Awesome Fishing Show."

The wax can be used on all exterior hard surfaces, including glass, instrument and electronic panels, engine cowlings and trolling motors, and trailers and tow vehicles.

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