Managing the physical properties of your systems

Shinier hair. Whiter teeth. Healthier foods. Brighter paints.

When it comes to the performance of the products you use every day, there’s likely an ingredient made by Ashland Specialty Ingredients responsible for making those products work better.

Many of the chemistries we have developed and manufacture are derived from plant and seed extracts, and are used as thickeners, stabilizers and gums in a wide variety of consumer and industrial markets,  including food and beverage, building and construction, paints and coatings, and energy, to name a few.  

When the leading personal care companies need to create better-performing shampoos, body washes, hair gels, sunscreens, toothpaste or moisturizers, they turn to Ashland Specialty Ingredients’ broad line of innovative ingredients to achieve better conditioning, a longer-lasting hold, higher sun protection and more effective skin enhancement properties.

This only scratches the surface of how we are  shaping the future of the world around us.

Our areas of expertise include:
● Organic and synthetic chemistry
● Polymer chemistry
● Surface and colloid science
● Rheology
● Structural analysis
● Microbiology

Our solutions provide an array of properties, including:
● Thickening and rheology control
● Water retention
● Adhesive strength
● Binding power
● Film formation
● Conditioning and deposition
Colloid stabilization
● Suspension

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