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It's the duke of oil

Our extraction aid delivers improved profitability to fuel ethanol producers 

 The challenge
In addition to producing ethanol and dried distillers grains, many fuel ethanol plants also produce corn oil. This valuable coproduct is typically sold to biodiesel producers and used as a feedstock for the synthesis of biodiesel. It is also sold to animal feed manufacturers and used as an additive for animal feed. While fuel ethanol plants typically use mechanical extraction systems to produce corn oil, these systems are expensive and capital cost recovery often takes longer than what is desired.

The Ashland answer
Ashland™ PTV M-5309  corn oil extraction aid is a proprietary, non-polymeric liquid that significantly increases yield by improving the release of corn oil during mechanical extraction. This not only allows for increased corn oil production but also reduces solids, resulting in a cleaner, higher-quality oil. It also has been shown to reduce system deposition, resulting in less downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Notably, the extraction aid has enabled a number of North American fuel ethanol plants to produce up to three times more corn oil than previously achieved with mechanical means alone.

The Ashland advantages
Ashland PTV M-5309 corn oil extraction aid improves the release of corn oil during centrifugation by modifying the surface chemistry of solids and oil micelles in the syrup. Oil in the treated syrup is more easily released and less centrifugal energy is required to separate the oil from the syrup. This not only allows for increased corn oil production but also allows for the production of cleaner corn oil. Additionally, the treated syrup is less likely to foul the centrifuge due to the dispersive nature of the extraction aid and its effect on solids in the syrup.


Yield increases dramatically with use of our product.  

There’s more to know

● Ethanol Producer Magazine reports on successful use of Ashland PTV M-5309
● Within three to five minutes, an immediate increase in yield can be seen
● Automated feeding and dosing equipment can enable production to be varied on demand
● Our extraction aid contains no alkyl phenol ethoxylates or volatile organic compounds, is biodegradable and kosher-certified, and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) when byproducts from the ethanol process are used in livestock feed products
● Case history: Additive increases production, provides cleaner oil
Case history: Novel chemistry improves quality and production